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We recognise that sports can be a tool to unite people, as well as tackling and engaging with audiences to deal with current issues around the globe.


Opening Boundaries have gone beyond the foundations of sport and developed projects to help support and develop a world of equality and peace affirming the notion, sports for social good.  

Read more about the projects below

Beyond The Try Line

Working to break down barriers to participation Opening Boundaries founder Halima has been heavily involved in the sport of Rugby. Halima was the first British Asian female to gain her Level 2 in Rugby League coaching badge and used the sport to deliver projects with various hard to reach groups around the UK. 

The British Asian Rugby Association ( BARA) we have used Rugby to tackle various misconceptions in sports and using it as a tool for engagement empowering more Asians and Women take to the sport

To read our press coverage please visit our news page 

Faith and Sport

In 2015 Halima worked with Sporting Equals , a charity which exists to actively promote greater involvement by all communities that are disengaged especially the black and minority ethnic population in sport and physical activity. Working in her home town of Bradford Halima set up a project aimed at building community cohesion between the Muslim, Jewish and Christian faith.


The programme  covered various topics including conflict resolution, teamwork and leadership, community cohesion and a faith leaders talk . Due to the unique nature of the project it was aired on ITV calendar news as a positive news story.

You can watch the clip by clicking here

Sport 4 Refugees 

Working with Moonlight Trust Opening Boundaries visited Athens to help use sport as a vehicle for peace. According to the UN, sport can play a particularly important and healing role, helping to address health as well as social and developmental needs.

We linked Earth Refugee who are based in Skaramagas an official UN refugee camp and supported a local football team known as Hope FC in providing equipment and resources enabling them to use sport as a means to help contribute to physical fitness, mental well-being and social integration.

Using our global #BowlingOut campaign we are also helping refugees from areas of Thessaloniki Camp in using Cricket for peace and we hope to set up a specific #BowlingOut game in Greece in the future.

UNHCR - In situations where formal education is limited or unavailable, sport can act as a vehicle for learning. This is extremely important for refugee girls, who may be deprived other avenues for growth because of cultural beliefs or time-consuming chores. Even children with disabilities, when provided the proper facilities, can excel at sports, raising their self-esteem.

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