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As a proud supporter of the United Nations Sustainable Goals, we have carefully aligned ourselves with the Goal 5, to achieve gender equality. This agenda has been the driving force behind our 5 goals which will be underpinned through our values and all the work we do, whether it be delivering our programmes at a community or global level.

Outreach & Engagement


Working with organisations both in the UK and abroad through outreach and engagement activity we want to increase the number of organisations advocating and positively engaging in Sport’s programmes developing equality and peace

Increase Workforce

Enhancing and developing a workforce who can lead, empower & inspire communities through sports and peace building programmes   

Safer Spaces

Working with partners and organisations to set up non intimidating and welcoming environments seen as safe spaces for females to step in to sports.


Educating people on the power sport can have in addressing issues around equality and peace.

Working with organisations we will provide educational programmes to create positive citizens who will drive social change in their communities leading to a safer, fairer and more inclusive society.

Economic Development 

Providing opportunities through workforce programmes for people to become coaches & work in sport development roles as a means to build skills for employability.

Working with sports boards and government organisations in providing advice and guidance on how to engage communities from diverse backgrounds coming into sport with the transfer of skills resulting in economic development

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