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Situated in a predominately Asian community the barriers faced by Asian women can lead to many drifting away from sport after schooling and never returning. Working in partnership with Mount Cricket Club, Opening Boundaries Director Halima was approached by the club to create and develop a female workforce creating a sustainable women’s section at the club.

After an initial recruitment drive of interested women , 16 South Asian women enrolled to become Cricket Support Workers who then went on to deliver regular cricket coaching sessions each week at the club alongside senior coaches. The success of the programme led to over 25 young girls attending over a 15 week period leading to an 8 team girl’s tournament held at the club. Finally the girls were part of the on pitch activity and the guard of honour for a historic match held at Headingley stadium where Mount Cricket Club took on the Vatican St Peter’s XI as part of building interfaith relations and using cricket as a tool for peace.

Halima stated “working with Mount CC I am pleased to see sport been used at a tool of equality and peace, two areas which are a part of our vision. Sport can be an important tool of engagement to develop and provide girls with life skills they can use as adults and empower them to become the leaders of tomorrow”

Abdul Ravat Sports development officer at Mount CC

“The training will enable all participants a safe, welcoming, culturally and religiously sensitive environment and above all offer an enjoyable experience to activity encourage girls to play and develop and passion for cricket”

“We want to show that religion can unite people and that different religions can live together in peace and harmony. What better way to show this than through cricket? When communities come together, it makes the heart glow. We spent three wonderful days in Rome last year in the spirit of friendship. We will give an equally warm welcome to our friendly rivals in Batley and look forward to playing cricket and strengthen our interfaith relationships.”

To read our press coverage please visit our news page 

You can also listen to an exclusive interview from Halima talking about the positive impact sports can have in engaging more women & girls to cricket and how local clubs can support inclusion and diversity from all faith & backgrounds.  (Forward to 4:25secs)

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