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Sport is a vital tool for development and can address gender issues whilst also promoting gender equality on a global scale. Working with Bermuda Cricket, Opening Boundaries are part of a rolling women’s development plan to grow females in cricket. This is being achieved via a focused grassroots campaign that builds the foundation for consistent girls and women’s cricket and also the development of a sustainable domestic program which will be the precursor to a Bermuda National Women’s team that will aim to be the best in the region.


Working with Bermuda over the last few years both here in the UK and overseas to implement the programme, a huge success has been a girls tour which took place during the summer of 2016 were selected girls were part of the girls national squad and played their first overseas international games. 

Both trips in the UK and Bermuda have allowed young girls to experience various formats of the game and develop their social skills such as teamwork, leadership and confidence building.

CEO of Bermuda Cricket stated "Halima has made a significant and lasting contribution to our girls development program in a very short time.

She has a unique combination of skills that allows her to:

  • Coach girls and boys of all ages

  • Coach the coaches of youth cricketers

  • Design programs and lesson plans and associated resources essential to development

  • Provide valuable contributions to strategy and game development

  • Build sustainable cricket structures

Halima is a very energetic, highly motivated and professional person and is a joy to work with".

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